Bad Experience in Pulo Gadung Bus Station

Jakarta is cruel city, this experience I got in Pulo Gadung Bus Station. Firstly I went to Pulo Gadung just to see the bus’ schedule not to travel at that time. But only some steps from the entrance after I paid 1000 rupiahs for the entrance tax, so many people suddenly arounded me. They offered bus’ ticket, three of them then dragged me rudely to a room near from the entrance. They forced me to buy bus’ ticket, I refused this offering but they threatened me. I said to them that now I didn’t have enough money…then you know what they said, “let me us your wallet!”. Wow it’s really was shocking me. Finally I decided to buy it perforcely. The more disilussion is….the officer looked at what had been done but he just kept in smile. O…Pulo Gadung, I will not come to you anymore.


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