At the silent night

I am coming to You

I heel in front of You

I really need Your help

I ask for Your forgiveness

This world has deceived me

I am prisoned by my own foolery

It’s too long I have already left You for so many wicked indulgences

Along with  interruption of the fallen leaves in a third of night by Your widely oceanic blessing

I ask for Your forgiveness deeply

Do not close my pray because of my faults

Do not hurry Your reckoning in my loneliness


In the name of my moulder heart because of these fierce sins

I beg Your pardon and surrender

Realizing my mistakes humbly

I cannot find any place for escaping of these sins except back to Your  infinitely assistance

Immersing me in Your widely oceanic affection

Dragging and guiding me to vortex of Your cooled forgiveness

Until my tounge quivers calling Your name

Until my heart binded into Your love

At the silent night

When everybody sleeps at Your dream

I am coming to You

Confessing my faults making me unworth at Your eyes

Remorsing everything that I have done beyond of Your rules

Asking for Your Forgiveness by filling with tears

Promising  in front of You to not repeat those sins

Finally due there are no event occuring out of Your will

I expect greatly to always obtain Your Blessin’


(Adapted from ‘Kumail’  Pray of Ali Bin Abi Thalib)


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