about DALAZers

Hello Adventurers, here we are…..

We are group of teenagers those interested especially in mountain hiking with simple tools. Our group’s name is taken from this simplicity, dalaz is derived from  Javanese language ‘kadal alas’ means travelers which do not use shoes to protect their feet.

Most of our members are old friends and in a same rural. Every members has his own ability, hobby, and character but we unify in togetherness to make a power. From this diversity it gives us many knowledgements. Besides mountain hiking we are also fond of reading, fishing, cooking, gardening and everything that can make happy and useful for us and others. Each member also has his own daily activities but we often make gathering to discuss recent issues and express our hobby. We hike to the mountain periodically to make our friendship closer.

We have private library named ‘Taman Baca Masyarakat Dalaz Media’, this library is dedicated to all people who want improve their knowledge by reading book especially for local settlement. Our collections compiled from members, donate for local society and government, in this case is Perpusda Jawa Timur. Our library is open and free system, it means you can read or borrow our collections by yourself and no charge.

Our home based is in Girimoyo, Karangploso, Malang, East Java, Indonesia. We also concern to support and participate any activities refering useful thing for humanbeing. Some of our members also join in Caring AIDS Organization, Cleaning The Energy For Global Warming, and Habitat for Humanity. Actually we are not organization we’re just a simple group which has a vision ‘to be worth for others’ that’s why we relieve our members to join in other organizations.

Through this blog, we invite other bloggers to join us! Our membership is opened to all teenagers which have same vision.


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