Dalaz Media Library

Taman Baca Masyarakat ‘Dalaz Media’

It is a private library belong to Dalaz Syndicate but everyone can read or borrow the book from here by yourself and no charge. The location is at Jl. Watu Damar 22 Musholla Tasbih Sholawat RT 14 RW 03 Girimoyo Karangploso Malang East Java. Although the location is in musholla, we are opened to all people. Our collections are more than 2500 books consist of Novel, Magazine, The book of Religion, Psychology, Engineering, Agriculture, etc. Most of our collections are children book. They are donation from Dalaz Members, Perpusda Jatim, and local settlement. Until now we still receive some donation from other people who want to drop its book to our library.

This Library was established in 2007. This idea comes from The government program called “Taman Baca Masyarakat” which has a vision to implant reading culture to Indonesian people. First we compiled books from Dalaz Members, because most of us are fond of reading. We got many books. Usually if each of us buy a book after read it we just keep in the cupboard, for that reason eventually we built a library to accomodate our collections in order to be useful to others. What we had done it was heard by the head of our village. Fortunately at that time, there is a program from Perpusda Jatim to empower library in every rural district in Indonesia. We would get library management training and some books. One month later we were sent 700 books from Perpusda Jatim. It make us more enthusiastically to improve this library.


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  1. taman bacanya muantab bangets

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